Yang Seah Coffee
Yang Seah Coffee

Yang Seah Singapore's Traditional Coffee is roasted with the adoption of modern production methodologies and equipment while retaining the taste of traditional Singapore local coffee.

Using a combination of specially selected coffee beans such as Indonesia Robusta and Mandheling, Liberica from Malaysia and Arabica from Columbia, our coffee beans are roasted under the pre-requisites of the internationally recognised food safety standards, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.

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In pursuit for the most authentic taste of Singapore’s traditional coffee, we have concocted our speciality roasts of Hainan and Fuzhou Coffee to best represent the original local coffee.


Strong aroma, caramel flavour, bitterly sweet feel and very strong after-taste.


The “Hockchews” population in Singapore originated from the northen part of Fujian Province.

Some of the early immigrants make a living in Singapore by operating coffee shops in the mid-19th century. This tradition still persists and coffee shops are now synonymous with the Hock Chews in Singapore.


Smooth, fruity flavour with mild sweetness.


Hainanese constitutes to about 3.5% of the Chinese immigrants in Singapore. The Hainanese in Singapore originated mainly from north-east part of the island, from cities such as Wenchang and Haikou.

As relative late-comers to Singapore in the late 19th century, most of them worked as shop assistants, chefs, and waiters in the hospitality sector. Singapore’s Hainanese chicken rice became a famous dish. They were also known for their Western cooking, as many of the early Hainanese migrants worked as cooks on European ships.


Yang Seah coffee supremo blend features a mix of our Traditional robusta bean with Columbia supremo coffee beans. The addictive aroma of the Arabica coffee, combined with the strong body of the Indonesian robusta gives you a cup of “kopi”, which is simply the best of both worlds.

It has a very strong body and bitterness that is suitable for making local kopi with condensed milk or creamer to wake you up for your day ahead.

  • Acidity 3/6
  • Body 6/6
  • Aroma 4/6
  • Bitterness 5/6
  • Aftertaste 3/6

Nanyang coffee, or traditional kopi, is made by roasting Robusta beans with margarine and caramelised sugar.

The purpose of adding those ingredients was to reduce the cost and compensate for the loss of weight during the coffee roasting process.

However, our ancestors realised that the additional ingredients could enhance the taste of the Robusta beans, giving it the strong unique aroma that south east asians now know and love.


Our washed Columbia Supremo coffee bean is medium-roasted and has a rich flavor profile that includes notes of caramel, cocoa, and nuts.

It also has a medium body and a very strong aroma, making it an enjoyable taste to many palates.

  • Acidity 4/6
  • Body 3/6
  • Aroma 6/6
  • Bitterness 3/6
  • Aftertaste 3/6

Colombian coffee has a long and rich history that dates back to the early 1800s.

It began when the Spanish colonized Colombia and brought coffee trees with them.

Even though it was not widely popular at first, by the mid-1800s it had become one of the primary sources of income for many Colombian farmers.


Our medium dark roasted 100% Mandheling is suitable for coffee lovers who prefer coffee with, Earthy,Herbal, Floral, Low /mild Acidity and a balanced aftertaste, suitable for those who like the aroma of our Columbia beans but prefer a lower acidity.

  • Acidity 2/6
  • Body 4/6
  • Aroma 5/6
  • Bitterness 3/6
  • Aftertaste 6/6

Almost 15% of the coffee beans planted in Indonesia are arabica coffee.

Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia, where you can find many coffee plantations.

Mandheling is one of the many types of coffee you can find on this island.
The name, “Mandheling” originated from Pakatan Village, Mandailing Natal in Sumatra, this is the first region where people started planting arabica coffee in Indonesia’s coffee history .

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