Sumatera Mandheling


Sumatera Mandheling
Almost 15% of the coffee beans planted in Indonesia are arabica coffee. Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia, where you can find many coffee plantations.

Mandheling is one of the many types of coffee you can find on this island.

The name, “Mandheling” originated from Pakatan Village, Mandailing Natal in Sumatra, this is the first region where people started planting arabica coffee in Indonesia’s coffee history .


Our medium dark roasted 100% Mandheling is suitable for coffee lovers who prefer coffee with, Earthy, Herbal, Floral, Low /mild Acidity, and Balance Aftertaste.

Suitable for those who like the aroma of our Columbia beans, but prefer a lower acidity.

  • Acidity 2/6
  • Body 4/6
  • Aroma 5/6
  • Bitterness 3/6
  • Aftertaste 6/6