Supremo Blend


Nanyang coffee, or traditional kopi, is made by roasting Robusta beans with margarine and caramelized sugar.

The purpose of adding those ingredients was to reduce the cost and compensate for the loss of weight during the coffee roasting process.

However, our ancestors realized that the additional ingredients could enhance the taste of the Robusta beans, giving it the strong unique aroma that southeast asians now know and love.


Yang Seah coffee supremo blend features a mix of our Traditional robusta bean with Columbia supremo coffee beans.

The addictive aroma of the Arabica coffee, combined with the strong body of the Indonesian robusta gives you a cup of “kopi”, which is simply the best of both worlds.

It has a very strong body and bitterness that is suitable for making local kopi with condensed milk or creamer to wake you up for your day ahead.

  • Acidity 3/6
  • Body 6/6
  • Aroma 4/6
  • Bitterness 5/6
  • Aftertaste 3/6